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View of summit of Devil's Courthouse Trail from parking lot

Review of Devil's Courthouse Trail

� mile, one way ** Strenuous

At the beginning of the Devil's Courthouse Trail is a sign which reads:
The bare rock profile named Devil's Courthouse is sinister in appearance and legend. It's "devilish" look has contributed to the many folk tales surrounding this mountain.

A very steep Devil's Courthouse Trail Within the mountain is a cave where, legend claims, the devil holds court. In Cherokee lore, this cave is the private dancing chamber and dwelling place of the slant-eyed giant, Judaculla. Despite its name and reputation, Devil's Courthouse is home to rare and delicate high-altitude plants. If you walk the one-half-mile route to the summit, please stay on the trail.

View of Devil's Courthouse Overlook from the summit of Devil's Courthouse Trail Rare plants, like the Rock Gnome Lichen and the Spreading Avens, live on Devil's Courthouse. Some of these alpine species may be remnants from the last glacial period. The panoramic view from the summit includes four states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

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