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Review of Jumpinoff Rock Trail

� mile, one way **Easy

Sign at Jumpinoff Parking Area Perhaps it was the approaching storm, perhaps it was the heat. Whatever the reason, on the day we hiked this trail was not as enjoyable as most other trails we have walked. On another day at another time this may have been a more pleasant hike.

Silhouette of two hikers at the end of Jumpinoff Trail The day we ascended the Jumpinoff Rock Trail was a hot humid hazy July afternoon. In the distance you could hear the muffled rumble of thunder, therefore this hike was more a fast paced walk or slow trot.

View from the overlook at the end of Jumpinoff Rock TrailApproximately halfway up this trail we came to a bench with an unauthorized path leading to the left. We continued straight on the trail until we came to the overlook of the valley below. In the distance we could hear what sounded like the howling of a wolf. Other than that and the sound of an ever closer approaching thunderstorm, this was an eerily quiet trail. The Jumpinoff Rock Trail may be a good one to undertake in the fall when the leaves have started to show their color.




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