Why Hiking Is Useful And How To Pack Correctly

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Get Out & Hike!

Many of us showed a lot of physical activity in childhood. Over the years, the world has turned barefoot children into adults who rarely walk unless the job requires it. One of the most important values, according to modern society, is the car. If the word "prestige" is not an empty sound for you, then a car is what you should strive for. However, society is of little interest to your health, where it is better to treat the patient, selling him expensive medicines and prescribing expensive procedures. Health is something that depends entirely on you.

Benefits of Hiking

According to one of the most famous promoters of a healthy lifestyle, Paul Brega, walking is considered the most important physical exercise. Paul Breg said that no type of physical activity can be so beneficial for the whole organism as a whole. Indeed, walking improves blood circulation, activates all body systems, and strengthens the muscles of the legs and pelvis, reducing the risk of injuries and fractures.

Hiking is especially popular in Japan. Many Japanese businessmen choose mountain hiking as a way to spend their holidays. Walking improves mental clarity. It is no coincidence that Aristotle and Plato read many of their lectures while walking. Apparently, during such trips through the mountains, Japanese businessmen invented innovations that flooded our market today.

Try to set aside at least some time in your daily schedule for walking. Four ten-minute walks a day - and you will forever forget what disruptions in blood pressure are. Twenty minutes of walking - and the smoking person will "let go" of the desire to take a puff of his favorite tobacco "poison." More than half an hour of walking cures stress and helps to lose weight. Those who can walk more than 90 minutes daily will not develop coronary heart disease in old age. It is believed that everyday walking for five years cures a person of kidney stones and, for 12 years - reduces the risk of dying from cancer by almost three times.

Types of Hikes

You can choose a hike from beginner to advanced level depending on your training and interests.

Entry level

The easiest hike. There are many variations: for tourists with small children, pensioners, and people who value convenience.


Your task is simple: enjoy nature, communicate with like-minded people, and relax.

Middle level

Intermediate hikes are intended for beginners who need a share of extreme sports, for more or less physically prepared people, and for children and adolescents who can walk long distances and carry all their things on their own.


This type of hike is for true connoisseurs of nature and difficulties. It is in such conditions that the brain truly rests: the difficulties and beauties of nature crowd out all thoughts of urban worries and problems. You live only in the present moment.

Difficult level

These trips are intended for trained tourists and professionals. In such trips, high-quality equipment is of no small importance. It can save your health and life, so it's not worth saving. And even if you do not have enough money for good shoes, it is better to take out a loan and buy them than to put yourself and the rest of the group at risk in low-quality shoes.

Features of this type of trip:

Here there is a clash with wildlife and its sometimes cruel conditions.

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