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Blue Ridge Pkwy Hikes - Tanawha Hiking Trail - Raven Rocks Overlook to Boone Fork Area

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Review of Tanawha Trail - Raven Rocks Overlook to Boone Fork Parking Area

3.2 miles, one way **Moderate

 Sign at Raven Rocks Overlook No matter how many trails you hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway, with each you experience something new and different. For example, hiking the Tanawha Trail from Raven Rock Overlook to the Boone Fork Parking Area (not to be confused with Boone Fork Overlook 5 more miles ahead) will for much of the trail give you a tropical forest feeling.

 Sign at the top of trail at Raven Rocks Overlook Directions from Raven Rock Overlook
Ascend the trail at the southern end of Raven Rock Overlook. At about 0.1 mile you'll come to a sign at the junction of the Tanawha Trail. Go to the right toward Price Park (8.2 miles). The Boone Fork Parking Area is only 3.2 miles.

 One of the few distant limited views from this part of the Tanawha Trail At about 0.7 mile you will have a limited view through the forest to the east. This is one of the few views you will have of the valley below. While most of this trail parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll be deep enough in the woods that any views you see will be limited to sights on the trail.

 Moss on small brook on the Tanawha Trail However, don't let the fact that you have limited distance views discourage your hiking this part of the Tanawha Trail. As you go deeper onto the Tanawha Trail, it's not hard to imagine being in a rain forest, but without the heat. At 1.2 miles you'll pass the small brook with moss covered rocks shown in the picture on the right.

 Tanawha Trail in JulyShortly after this at about half way to the Boone Fork Parking area you'll pass a footbridge. Continue up the path shown in the picture on the left. You'll pass the Daniel Boone Scout Trail at 2.6 miles. You should be aware that the Daniel Boone Scout Trail requires you to have a permit (with a payment of a fee). Also at 2.8 miles the Grandfather Trail Extension requires the same. As long as you stay on the Tanawha Trail no fee is required. Soon you'll here the sound of the falls of Boone Fork. After crossing over a majestic footbridge, take a right and continue for 400 more feet to the Boone Fork Parking Area. Plant life along the Tanawha Trail in July




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