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Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes - Tanawha Hiking Trail - Wilson Overlook to Rough Ridge

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Review of Tanawha Trail - Wilson Overlook to Rough Ridge

1.45 miles, one way **Strenuous

 View from Tanawha TrailDirections from Wilson Creek Overlook
From the Wilson Creek Overlook, follow the steps down.
Then turn left under the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Soon you'll join the Tanawha trail.
Go right toward the Rough Ridge Parking Area.
You should cross a footbridge over Wilson creek shortly after joining the Tanawha Trail.
You'll pass several large boulders on your way to the summit.
Descend passing over the boardwalk to Rough Ridge Parking Area.

 Tanawha TrailDirections from Rough Ridge Parking Area
Follow the trail upward from the parking area. Go left on the Tanawha Trail toward Wilson Creek overlook. The distance to the top will be much shorter, but somewhat steeper this way. However, if you are going to only walk half the trail and then go back to your car, this is the way I recommend. Once you get to the boardwalk, the view is fantastic. But, don't stop here. It's even better from the top.

View of the Blue Ridge Parkway from the Tanawha Trail If you could only walk one trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway, this would be the one I'd recommend. I hope you enjoy your hike!




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