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Review of Flat Rock Trail

.7 mile, round-trip Loop **Easy

 Sign at the beginning of Flat Rock TrailAt the beginning of the Flat Rock Self-Guiding Loop Trail is a sign that reads:
"Flat Rock Trail -- An easy 30 minute round trip walk to Flat Rock with an impressive view of the Linville Valley and Grandfather Mountain. Interesting trees, flowers, animals, and geological features are described along the way.-- United States Department of Interior National Park Service."

 Top of Flat Rock Trail Your first impressions of the Flat Rock trail may be somewhat disappointing. Some of the trail guides are slightly faded and on July 6, 1997 one was even laying on the ground. However, don't let first impressions stop you from hiking this trail. It has a lot to offer including knowledge and beauty.

 Summit of Flat Rock Trail From the Flat Rock parking area stroll up the Flat Rock Trail for about 300 feet where you'll come to an intersection. Continue straight ahead and follow the trail guides to the summit where you'll be treated to one of the most fantastic views you have ever seen.

Landscape identification marker at the top of Flat Rock Trail Below is Linville Valley and towering above are different mountain peaks, including Roan, Hump, Grandfather, Grandmother Mountains, and more. This is the perfect place for a break, after which all you'll need to do is follow the blue arrows trail guides back to the Flat Rock parking area. This is a "Five Star Trail", one you will not want to miss!




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