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Review of Chestoa View Loop Trail

.6 mile, round-trip **Easy

Chestoa View Trail Overlook You begin your hike at the far end of the parking area on the trail to your left (as you drove into the parking area off the Blue Ridge Parkway). Your first view and one of the best will not be faraway. You will be able to see Table Rock in the distance. Should you be short on time, you'll at least want to walk this far.

Chestoa View Sign From the first overlook, retrace your steps back up the walkway to the top of the Chestoa View Trail. Continue on up the trail for about 1,000 feet where you will come to an intersection on the trail. Go to your left.

View of US Route 221 from Chestoa View Loop Trail Shortly after, you will come to your first view of highway 221 below. Continue forward on the trail. Not faraway will be a second and even better view of route 221. From here, you will continue around the loop trail and back to the parking area.

Log fence on Chestoa View Loop Trail Any time of year would be a good time to hike this trail, but with the valley below covered with trees, fall would be especially rewarding and the color of the leaves especially beautiful. Even before the leaves start to change, the Chestoa View trail can be very colorful as shown by these pictures of wildflowers in full bloom in September.

Wildflowers in late September Chestoa is a Cherokee word which means rabbit. This is a very appropriate name for the Chestoa View Loop Trail because your time here will pass like the speed of a rabbit. The views from this trail are fantastic! Several picnic tables are located in the parking area making this an excellent place for a meal and then an after meal stroll.

View of Table Rock from Chestoa View Loop Trail Here's a great example of the views you can enjoy from hiking Mount Pisgah. On a clear day it seems you can see for miles and miles.




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