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Review of Mt. Pisgah Picnic Area Trail

.3 mile, round-trip **Easy

Trailhead at Mount Pisgah's picnic area Mount Pisgah's picnic area, an excellent place to eat, is only a short hike from the parking lot. From the parking area, you have two choices to get to the picnic tables. One way is to go up the trail to the right of barricaded road. This is the shortest way, but it is also the steepest. Another option is to take the loop trail (behind the gated road).

Mount Pisgah picnic area is to the right. This is a more gradual ascent, something you'll appreciate if you have a lot of food. Shortly after leaving the gate, you'll come to an intersection in the road. Do NOT follow the road to the left, but go up the paved path to the right. Very soon you should start to see picnic tables. The trail continues clockwise around the picnic area.

Mount Pisgah's Picnic Area On the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Mount Pisgah picnic area is one of the best, and normally it is not even crowded. There are plenty of grills and tables. Also available are water fountains and restrooms. This is an excellent place to take your charcoal and grill your own specialties.




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