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Review of Mt. Pisgah Trail

1.5 miles, one way **Strenuous

View from the summit of Mount Pisgah At the beginning of the Mount Pisgah Trail is a sign that reads:
"This trail leads through Pisgah National Forest to the summit of Mount Pisgah named after the biblical mount from which Moses first saw the promised land. This peak affords a panoramic view of western North Carolina. Trail length 1.5 miles. Elevation gain 712 feet, steep in spots."

 View of the Mount Pisgah Summit from the parking area The picture on the left is a view of Mount Pisgah from the Mount Pisgah parking lot. It doesn't look too strenuous from here. Does it?

 Resting on Mount Pisgah Trail Well, it is, unless you are young and/or in good shape. But don't let this scare you. It is worth the extra effort to get into shape! Go for it! You'll be glad you did.

 View from Mount Pisgah Trail Take plenty of water. Once you reach the Mount Pisgah Summit you will want to stay and enjoy the fantastic view, maybe with a small snack.

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